May my little life still be a beautiful manifestation of the will of The Greatest✨


感謝✨ Tokiko


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<The Prayer # 344 / 61 x 68 cm >

メモ日:2019 - 08 - 08

When I leave myself in the momental flow and leave it to the universe, I am connected with the people whom I should meet, where I should go more and more. The flow of nature, the swell of energy, is not easy to see, but it is much easier not to resist & surrender.



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<The Prayer # 216 / 70 x 40 cm>

メモ日:2019 - 03 - 13

My life is my own creation by my own choices.

Expressing & creating my own uniqueness in search of inner light as in the great Oneness is my happiness.

Knowing that everything is possible & whatever i choose is already perfect is my strength.

Seeing beautiful light within myself, not out somewhere, makes my life always very colorful & cheerful✨                    

Tokiko / on my 44th BD, 2018






 Tokiko / 2018 年の44回目の誕生日に

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<The Prayer # 305 / 40 x 120 cm>

メモ日:2018 - 03 - 17

Living in a connection. Being given this life in the connection. There is a way of life only for me to be utilized in the connection. Just days of gratitude for all connection. With all my heart, I am manifesting the connection .



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<The Prayer # 304 / 60 x 95 cm >

メモ日:2019 - 05 - 01

The word <one encounter, one chance>. The idea is to know that the opportunity is only one time in a lifetime, cherish this moment and have the implication to do the best I can do now. I am determined that this moment is never again, and I want to humbly face myself at that moment.


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<The Prayer # 122 / 23 x 23 cm >

メモ日:2019 - 02 - 11