TIF Hypnosis

All potentiality

is already lain within 
your subconsciousness

About Hypnosis 

<Hypnosis> is an altered state of consciousness characterized by hyper-suggestibility.

It is a <trance-like> state psychically induced, usually by another person, in which the subject responds to the suggestions of the hypnotist.

<Trance> itself is not anything special, which everybody experience very often in our everyday life as "entranced" state such as daydreaming or being absorbed in a book, film, physical activity and losing track of time. A state of trance is also created by yoga, meditation or tai-chi, and its characteristic is feeling of rapture, inner peace, amnesia and so on, which related deep-relaxation.

As in such deep-relaxation, a conscious mind tends to fade away ( loosing its logical thinking) , and instead, a subconscious (unconscious) mind easily surface.

Our mind has a dual structure with these, the <conscious mind> and the <subconscious mind>. In general, it is said that activity of the conscious mind is between 5-10% and the rest of more than 90% is governed by the subconscious mind. Carl Jung explained this structure using an example of an iceberg: a part above water is the conscious mind and the most part which is hidden under water and even never noticed if it's there is the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is constantly and restlessly collecting information 24 hours even when you are at sleep. All the collected information influences us so much more than we imagine to every aspects of our everyday life - our thought, emotions, feelings, actions, capability, health, relationship etc.

Usual counseling is performed in the conscious state, which means the conscious mind answers, which is the tiny part of the iceberg that you can limitedly and hardly analyzable, answers back to the counselor. With this method, it is almost impossible to reach down to the fundamental cause or origin of our problems to be solved. It takes a long time and not much progress.

<Clinical hypnosis>, contrarily, is a method to work directly in to the subconscious mind that we have no clear awareness of, in which tremendous amount of information both positive and negative are constantly accumulated. Most of our sources of trouble and worry based on negative thoughts or feelings, the difficulty to demonstrate our capacity or problematic relationship is caused by this negative information.

<Clinical hypnosis> enables, with <suggestions>, the process of withdrawing the negative information from deep down your unknown / unrecognizable area of subconscious mind, then "re-writing" the negative information into positive information, and "implanting" the positive information intentionally. Under a hypnotic state, the activity of conscious mind is very slow and therefore a <suggestion> given is effectively accepted directly into the subconscious mind with our inspection of the consciousness.

Its result is immediate because of this directness of positive input to the subconscious mind, and our reality and life are dramatically changed to the better. 



ヒプノシス / 催眠療法 とは

<催眠>とは、主に<暗示>によって意図的に<変性意識状態 (トランス)>を作り出す行為やその方法、または、その状態そのものをいいます。


<変性意識状態 (トランス)>自体は、あなたも日常生活でごく普通に、いつも経験しているのです。




このようなボーっとした様な、リラックスした状態になると、<顕在意識 (表層意識)>の働きが弱まり、<潜在意識 (無意識)>が表面化し易くなるのです。